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IGRI - International Gemological Research Identification is a confided in name throughout the previous 15 years in the Gems and Jewelry Industry. IGRI offers International standard types of assistance in the field of Gemology, Diamonds and Jewelry. IGRI offers Laboratory Testing, Training Programs and Consultation administrations. IGRI is upheld by a group of Qualified and Experienced Gemologists, Diamond Graders, Jewelry Designers and Market Experts.

With the expansion of lmitation, Synthetic and Treated stones on the lookout, expanded rivalry, and other market dangers, it has become need of great importance to be expertly qualified and talented to begin diamonds and Jewelry business or to make a vocation in this field.


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IGRI - International Gemological Research Identification Report describes whether the stone is natural or synthetic, identifies the type of gemstone, and includes any detectable treatments. This report also contains a detailed description of the gemstone such as cut, shape, weight, measurement, and color, and includes a photograph of the gemstone.

A dash of red, a spark of gold, the soothing touch of blue…color has the power to change moods, and add exotic glamour to jewelry. And one of their foremost objectives is to educate customers about the items available to them for purchase. So, for your convenience, we have included the following basic information about gemstones to help get you started in coloring your world with these magnificent jewels.

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About International Gemological Research Identification (IGRI)

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